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b. 1986, HK.

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About Tiffany (Founder of ‘The Mummy Concierge’)



Becoming a mummy for the first time is a minefield - and my goodness did I panic. I was sitting in The Kensigonton Wing of Chelsea and Westminster having just given birth to my little boy Rupert. Rather than revelling in newborn cuddles I was going through my lists of baby equipment and antenatal classes. Panicked that I wasn’t fully prepared, I started chatting to other mummies in the ward and released they were feeling exactly the same.

Having worked as a journalist (and written for numerous baby magazines!) I had a lot of good info already, but there were also some boxes that hadn’t been ticked - did mummies who live in London need different advice to those who had a home in the countryside (answer - yes! of course! A different type of pram, for starters!). What about mummies who might have different budgets to their friends or different worries and concerns about becoming a mother? Or Ex-pat mummies who are living abroad?

I found there was a real lack of good honest advice for soon-to-be mothers out there - whether it was being open and REAL about what becomming amummy is really like, to help ticking off everything in your baby to-do list.

That’s why I set up The Mummy Concierge. I wanted to help women feel confident about being  a mummy.

The Mummy concierge was born to help ALL types of mummies out there become a parent in the perfect way to suit them. Whether that’s hiring a maternity nurse to help with those first precious weeks, helping parents who travel or live abroad for work, to making your hospital room feel like home, nothing is off limits.

The Mummy concierge is a bespoke, personalised experience to help you navigate what should be - and will be - the most important time of your life.

Tiffany x

Tiffany lives between London and The Cotswolds with her husband, little boy Rupert and Baby girl Ophelia, plus a naughty spaniel called Wellinggton and their Australian Cat Rooski.