"Personalised Planning from Bump to Baby"

Bump Stage services explained

The Bump Stage…and how we can help

Below are some ways in which we can help you during your pregnancy in preparing for your bump to become your baby. Now just breathe, and relax….

Must do’s before baby

There is a lot to do before baby’s arrival so let us take the stress, pressure and confusion out of what needs to be done to ensure a smooth start.

We will help you create a personalized, detailed maternity map for each month of your pregnancy: so you know exactly what to do, where, when, how and with whom.

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Hospital Prep and Pack

As well as creating a personalised hospital bag checklist (and helping you chose the right hospital for you!) we are also on hand to make your hospital room feel more like home. From filling it with flowers to arranging your favourite pillows or family photos to be there on your arrival, we will make sure your hospital stay mimics that of a luxury hotel!

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Baby Kit Bootcamp

Oh my goodness! Have you ever walking into a baby shop and then promptly walked out because you’re so overwhelmed with the sheer choice? Take a breath and relax. We can help you select only the baby gear you ACTUALLY need (and steer you away from the stuff you don't). Our personal approach will quickly determine the kit and products to best fit your lifestyle …minus any stress.

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24/7 bump support

As pregnant mummies-to-be, you’re bound to have plenty of sleepless nights worrying about little things to do with impending mummy-hood. We are on hand to help in whatever way we can - even if it’s just a shoulder to snivel on, or expert advice on any queries you have, we are your pregnancy guardian angels.

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Styling your bump

Love your bump or hate it, every new mummy probably struggles with their growing belly and shrinking wardrobe. But don’t stress- your stylish look doesn’t have to disappear under a pile of ugly maternity clothes. We will help you feel and look like the fashionable mummy you are by intro-ing you to the best shops out there or even booking you in with a top stylist to style your look. Being pregnant certainly doesn’t mean you have to lose the ‘real you’….

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Bump classes

Feeling a little overwhelmed and curious or completely in the dark about what’s about to come? No matter how many baby books you’ve read, sometimes you need real-life, face to face interactions to help you deal with the big life change you’re about to embark on. We will help find you a supportive ‘bump class’ where you can learn about labour and make new mummy friends.

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Nursery necessities

Your baby might be kicking and we bet your nesting instincts are too. Do you want to make sure your nursery is as perfect as ppossible but just can’t find the time or energy to make it happen (we’re not judging - growing baby is hard work!) Making sure your nursery is well equipped is incredibly important when creating a lovely environment for your little one to grow up in. From baby proofing their room to making it look gorgeous, we will help create the perfect space for the arrival of your little one.

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Learning about feeding your baby

Whether your chose to breastfeed or bottle feed (with no judgement whatsoever!) we will be on hand to guide you through everything you need to know and do, to make the experience as wonderful as possible. It can be daunting knowing how to breastfeed (especially if it’s your first time) but just as confusing working out how many scoops of formula to add to a bottle, but rest easy,,,,we are your feeding experts os you will be fully prepared before baby arrives.

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Babymoons and Baby Showers

As if having a baby isn’t exciting enough, you also get the chance to celebrate the impending arrival of your little one with a fabulous Babymoon (aka a relaxing holiday before your baby arrives!) and Baby shower (a celebration of your bump!)

We can help you plan these wonderfully special moments.

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Customised baby gift list

The last thing you want when your baby arrives is to receive gifts that aren’t quite what you were hoping for. We will help you put together a beautifully customised gift list that you can share with friends and family…making sure your baby has the best (and most stylish!) entrance into the world as possible!

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Nothing is impossible

We really do mean it when we say nothing is impossible. So if you have a request that isn’t listed above, the please just ask. From helping you come up with a unique baby name to finding dog trainers who can help prepare your puppy for the babies arrival, no request is too ridiculous. You’ve heard of Bridezilas? Well we are ready and equipped for all you Mummy-zillas out there - and want to help in whatever way we can.

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