"Personalised Planning from Bump to Baby"


Why you should consider having your baby privately

Choosing to have our baby privately wasn’t an easy decision for us.  The cost was without a doubt the main concern, especially when we all know just how fabulous the free NHS is.

But I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to have my baby privately.  Having suffered from anxiety for many years, the thought of having a baby completely terrified me - everything from the birth to the choice of delivery, made my panic attack’s from the past seem like a drop in the ocean.

Which was why, having heard so many wonderful things about the Kenskngton Wing at Chelsea and Westminster hospital, I knew that going privately was the best choice for me.

I could without a doubt write a very honest and personal post about my incredible experience st the Kensington wing (in fact maybe I will -watch this space!) but for the time being I thought it best to hear the reasons why going privately (especially at the Kensington wing!) could be the perfect choice for you from someone who actually works here! So the wonderdul  doctor who delivered Rupert, Natasha Singh, has shared with us HER reasons why having your baby privately could be the best decision you ever make!  (And I’ve also given my personal opinion on why it worked for me!) 

 1. You will have one to one care, 24/7. 

Natasha says: The Kensington Wing offer a personalised service during your pregnancy with direct access to your named obstetrician or midwifery team if you have any concerns.

Tiffany says: Natasha Singh actually gave me her mobile number and told me to call or WhatsApp whenever I had a question! And in her exact words “no question is ever stupid!” She even told me that one patient called her at 2am to ask if a pain in her foot was related to pregnancy! And the best bit? Natasha insists it NEVER bothers her when a patient calls her. She knows that pregnancy can be scary and she wants to reassure everyone she works with.

2. They have the time to make sure all of your individual needs are catered for. Natasha says: During the antenatal appointments, you will be able to have in depth conversations with your obstetrician or midwife about your birth preferences in a relaxed and calm environment.

Tiffany says: I never felt rushed at any of our antenatal appointments and there always seemed to be enough time to ask anything that was on my mind. This was so important to me because as a first time mummy, I always had PLENTY of questions. I left every appointment feeling as if every question has been answered

3. You can make the choice about how you deliver your baby and not be judged.

Natasha says: The team and the Kensington Wing  has the experience to support women through a range of birth choices from a low intervention physiological birth to one with an epidural. Our midwives are trained in aromatherapy and we also provide a 24/7 consultant anaesthetic service if you are planning a pain free labour or require a caesarean delivery.

Tiffany says: I always knew I wanted to have a scheduled Caesarian (for reasons I will go into in another post!)  but I was worried I might be “persuaded” to try a natural birth. This wasn’t the case at all. Although Natasha talked me through all of the birthing options and made me aware of the benefits and risks of all of them, she made me feel confident and relaxed about my final decision. And the best bit? The decision was mine. When you go privately you can actually choose how to have your baby, rather than being “encouraged” to try another birthing method that you might not be on board with. 

I had the most incredible experience at The Kensington Wing!

4. It is the safest place to give birth.  

Natasha says: The most important aspect of giving birth is safety.  As a Trust we deliver more than 10,000 babies each year and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is one of the safest in the UK.

Tiffany says: I felt completely safe from start to finish and never once felt at risk or scared. For someone who panics a lot, this was completely remarkable for me.  

 5. You really do get a VIP service

Natasha says: Our bespoke delivery rooms are furnished with all the equipment necessary to monitor you and your baby during labour and birth. As a forward-thinking unit, we encourage choices in birth position and can provide birth balls, beanbags, floor mats, birthing stools, and birthing pools. With three birthing rooms we can offer a calm and tranquil experience at such an important time in your journey to motherhood.

Tiffany says: I obviously didn’t need any of this as I have having a scheduled c section in an operating theatre but a friend of mine recently gave birth in the delivery rooms and can’t stop singing the praises of all the equipment available to help her.  

Our amazing obstetrician Natasha Singh with Rupert

6. You will know all of the faces surrounding you when you give birth

Natasha says: At the time of your birth it is important to be surrounded by people you know and trust. You will get to know our experienced team during your antenatal appointments and classes so that when the time comes, you are sharing the special moment with people you know and trust.

Tiffany says: I was personally walked into theatre by Natasha who held my hand on the walk down the corridor. When I got into the operating theatre I recognised all of the faces in there - from the anaesthetist who came to see me a few hours before the c section to the midwives who had taken my blood at every pre natal appointment. It felt like a little family.  

Baby Norris in the Kensington Wing

7.  The care doesn’t end when the baby arrives.

Natasha says: Our dedicated team will also support you postnatally, spending time with you to ensure your baby is feeding and you are feeling well and comfortable. If you live locally, you can also benefit from our postnatal community package where our midwife team will visit you at home given you continuity of care and flexibility with timings of visits.

Tiffany says: Unbeknown to me, I was suffering from severe post natal depression when Rupert was born. Natasha spotted this immediately and was a complete rock (as were all of the other midwives.) They made me feel cared for and genuinely wanted to be there for me. Natasha would constantly call me (even on her days off) to see how I was coping and the midwives gave me some amazing advice and lots of wonderful reassuring cuddles!  

 8. You can have your own private room

Natasha says: Many NHS maternity wards can’t provide private rooms for you to prepare for and recover in after the birth of your baby. We offer private, luxurious rooms where you and your family can bond with baby. Our rooms our designed to feel like a home from home, with the added benefit of all the services you would expect from a luxury hotel.

Tiffany says: Having my own space and privacy was really important to me and I really am not exaggerating when I say the rooms  at the Kensington Wing are like a hotel. I had my own ensuite bathroom, branded Chelsea and Westminster bottled water and Asprey toiletries. It’s the little luxuries like this that make you feel a little bit pampered after the exhaustion of giving birth.  The  en-suite bedrooms also all have Wi-Fi access, a television, refrigerator, complimentary toiletries and a hair dryer.

Patrick also says, as a new and terrified Daddy, going privately was the best decision we ever made

9. Your other half can stay the night too!

Natasha says: We welcome partners and all our rooms have comfortable beds for overnight stay with you if you wish. We also do not restrict visiting times or numbers of visitors allowing you to share the joy of your new arrival with those closest to you.

Tiffany says: having Patrick able to stay the night in the same room as me and the baby was incredible. No mummy wants to be left alone the night after she gives birth and so it was amazing being able to have my husband on a bed on one side of me, and our baby in his cot on the other side.

Just the thee of us on the first night after Rupert was born

10. The food is really good!

Nastaha says:You can choose your meal from our delicious a la carte selection and can accommodate almost all dietary needs or preferences. This is available to you, your partner and any guest you may wish to dine with during your stay.

Tiffany says: After the exhaustion of giving birth, the thought of hospital food is another thing that can turn your stomache. But I can genuinely say the food was delicious. At one point my whole family where in the room and we all eat off the menu - it was like a little restaurant in your own private hospital room!  

did you decide to have your baby privately? Or perhaps you had an equally amazing experience with the NHS? I’d love to hear your comments below. 


(And if anyone is looking for an AMAZING obstetrician to deliver your baby then I really, really recommend Natasha. You can contact her here) 

Tiffany Wright