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What's in my bag for a scheduled C Section

Three weeks before I was due to give birth to Rupert, I was manically rifling through drawers and adding items to my amazon online order in a COMPLETE PANIC. What did I need to pack in my hospital bag? Did I need anything different due to the fact I was having a c-section?

Now, two years later I’m doing it all over again. With our little girl due in just 5 weeks, I’ revisiting what I packed in my hospital bag last time for a C section.

The “hospital bag must have” list. What’s in your bag?

Packing your hospital bag is a milestone for many new mummies to be.  There’s the realisation that, when you unpack it in that hospital room, a little baby is imminently on their way.

So, in the hope that anyone reading this won’t end up a stressed ball of nerves (like I was when picking my bag!) I’ve shared a video showing you all exactly what went into my bag and why. But we warned...this isn’t your average hospital bag! 



What did you pack in your hospital bag? Let me know in the comments below. 

Tiffany Wright