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The most luxurious baby keepsake that every family needs

I’ve been delaying  writing this blog post because I wanted to make sure that it reflected just how wonderful I think Philipa Herbert are. 

When Rupert was born I, like most new mummies, was desperate to capture very moment of his life - out came the camera for numerous photos, our came the paint to capture the size of his tiny hands and I even had his feet encased in clay so as not to forget how small his tiny little toes were.

I heard about Philippa Herbert - a small family run business in affluent Chelsea who create the most beautiful fingerprint jewellery, through a friend who couldnt sing their praises more highly. Philippa and her sister in law Sally, who both have backgrounds in art and art history, saw a niche in the baby market for luxurious jewellery that engraves your baby’s fingerprint onto solid gold pendants and cuff links.

When I contacted Philipa (possibly one of the nicest women I have ever met) she happily suggested she come to my home to get Rupert’s fingerprints rather than me having to drag a tiny baby around London to get to her. This is one of the things that is so lovely about this business - Philippa and Sally are both mothers themselves so they understand completely how hard it can be to arrange meetings that compliment your babies nap time!


As such, just a week later after our initial email contact, Philipa was at my front door, smiling sweetly and cooing over Rupert. As promised, she bought with her a selection of chains, pendants and cufflinks that I could choose from and then took Rupert’s finger print (perfectly timed as Rupert was fast asleep when she did this!) 


Just two weeks later, my pendent and chain arrived in the post and I couldn’t have been happier. Having Rupert’s 10 week old fingerprint engraved into the pendant is one of the most precious things I own and I have since worn it every single day. It’s amazing having a little piece of Rupert with me all the time. 

So if you are looking for something incredibly special to remember those heady baby days with, then I strongly suggest you contact Philippa and Sally. Not long after receiving my necklace I also ordered some cufflinks for my husband with Rupert’s prints on - and gave them to him for our wedding anniversary. I can safely say they had the “husband seal of approval” too! 

Contact Phillip Herbert  here 

Tiffany Wright