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Mummy Terminology that makes my blood boil


fter doing bit of research, I noticed I'm not the only mummy out there who wants to punch people in the face when they say certain things or use certain words in relation to motherhood.

So, I've gathered together sone of the best 'most hated' words and phrases that literally make mothers everywhere fume!

1. "Geriatric mother" for anyone over 35.

Pass me the Zimmer frame - I'm essentially being told I'm so old that I'll probably die soon. 

2."Breast is best"

 Usually uttered by women who have had no problem whatsoever breastfeeding. The underlying implication is that you have "failed" if you haven't quite taken to it. 

3. "Milk drying up"  

 What am I? An old, shrivelled up cow?

4. "We are pregnant" (Said by a man) 

Just. Don't. Even. Go. There.

5. "Mummy brain"

 An expression commonly used for the forgetfulness of a busy or pregnant mummy. All it actually does is demoralises women by suggesting that once you have a baby your brain shrivels up. 

6. Labels like helicopter mum, sloth mum, tiger mum.

Whatever next? Porcupine mum? 

7. Anything with the word 'failed' in it..

 ...Failed Vaginal Delivery, Failed Forceps. Since when did motherhood get so competitive?

8. "Yummy Mummy" 

Particularly awful if used as a reference to oneself. Its vanity taken to the extreme. Also, what exactly is a yummy mummy? Someone who has time to brush their hair and wipe baby sick off their shoulder?!

Tiffany Wright