"Personalised Planning from Bump to Baby"


How to survive a wedding with a newborn

Attending a wedding with a newborn baby can be a daunting situation. Will they cry during the church service? How can you subtly feed them if getting your boobs out in public isn't your thing? And more importantly,  how does expressing work if you want to drink champers?!

Here's my top tips on surviving the wedding season with a baby!  

1. Bring as many muslins as humanely possible - I packed ten for this wedding. TEN. And you know what? I wish I had packed double the amount - it's simply amazing how many go missing/get thrown up on/wipe down poo (and that's even before you get to the church!)

 2. If you want to drink - bring your pump. Everyone knows weddings = champagne, so If, like me, you want to indulge in some bubbles then the Madela pump will be your new best friend. There were three fellow pumpers at the wedding - all covering up with shawls as the pump did its thing, and then happily quaffing back champagne. "Pump and Dump" is an expression that will become an integral part of your vocabulary if you like a drink or two!

3. Make a pact with your other half that you will share the duties - The last thing you want at a wedding is to be holding the baby for the entirety of it. So before you head to the church, agree that you will take it in turns to share the baby load. Patrick and I had determined this the previous day with me looking after the baby during the reception (so he could catch up with old school friends) whilst he manned the baby during the wedding breakfast so I could eat (it's amazing how difficult eating a full meal becomes when you are a mother.) 

4.  Get some baby ear defenders - Unfortunately, I hadn't thought about this in advance. Once the wedding breakfast was over, the party started and the band started playing in full force. Whilst we were happily dancing away with Rupert inbetween us, it was then that I noticed every other baby in the vicinity was wearing small fluorescent ear defenders to block out the sound of the music (and presumably not damage their small little ear drums!)  I felt like an awful mother at as the realisation dawned that I was  exposing my baby to live guitar, drums and  a sax at a defending volume, which led to me disappearing outside and ferociously typing 'baby ear defenders' into an Amazon order straight. 

5. At the church, make sure you can sit somewhere with an easy escape route - at the end of the aisle or the back of the church is perfect. After all, the last thing you want is for your baby to start screaming blue murder just when the priest asks if anyone objects to the wedding! 

6. Stock up on breast pads! There's nothing worse than rocking a new dress and then noticing you have wet milk patches where your boobs are! 

7. Palm your baby off to anyone and everyone! The great things about weddings is that EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) will want to hold your baby. We had a completely fabulous moment when one of our friends from Australia insisted that she take the baby for a walk around the estate grounds to give us a break. If only I had had a camera to capture her, slightly tipsy, pushing the pram across the lawn with one hand and  an espresso martini in the other!   

8. Understand that there will be unglamorous moments. Mid wedding breakfast (and due to a dislike of breastfeeding in public!) I found myself traipsing across the car park (in the POURING rain), to get into the back seat of our car in order to feed Rupert. Whilst everyone else was partying the day away, I was "boob out in the back of a BMW." Oh the glamour.  

Tiffany Wright