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How to dress 'thin" whilst pregnant

We’ve all wondered it - how the hell to some celebs still look frigging gorgeous when pregnant (and us mere mortals are slouching around looking like we’ve eaten three tubs of Quality Street?!) In a mission to help other mummies-to-be out there (who don’t want people contstantly commenting on the size of their pregnant belly) , i’ve shared some top tips on how to dress ‘thin’ and look hot when pregnant!

1. Don’t wear baggy clothes

You may think sealing your body in baggy clothes might disguise your bump but it in fact does the opposite. Baggy fabrics make you look bigger . Figure hugging clothes won’t make you look fat when you are pregnant - they will actually make  you look slimmer but  with a pregnancy bump!  So embrace the beliy!

2. Go for a low cut neckline/v neck.

V neck tops are amazing as they keep the attention away from your slightlier chubbier face and therefore make you look slimmer.  And what better way to show off those (much bigger) pregnancy boobs!

3. Pay attention to to your makeup, hair, shoes and nails. 

Anything that draws your attention away from your bump and towards that fabulous new red nail varnish or amazing pair of shoes is a sure fire way from people to skim over your stomach area

4. Accessorise!

Long statement necklaces will make your face and chest look slimmer as it rebalances your proportions. Brightly coloured scarves also draw attention to your face and away from your tummy.

5. Go Empire!

Empire waist dresses are great when you are pregnant as they clinch in just under your boobs and the loose skirt brushes over your bump.

6. Invest in a blazer

Wearing a blazer - opened - is a genius way to disguise a baby bump. It’s how they hide pregnancy in movies as no one can see you in profile!

7. Darker clothes are your friends!

As we already know, the colour black is incredibly slimming and even more so when you’re trying to draw attention away from that baby bump

Tiffany Wright