"Personalised Planning from Bump to Baby"


Breastfeeding essentials

Create your own little oasis where you breastfeed at home so that you can sit back and relax and have everything you need at your fingertips! 

My essentials: 

Pillows and nursing pillow

Work out the most comfortable position for you (after all breastfeeding can take anything from 15 minutes to one hour so you need to make sure you're comfy!) I use the babymoov nursing pillow (and yes I'll admit I bought it because it looks stylish and small, whereas other nursing pillows can be a monstrosity in the looks department!) Thankfully it also does a bloody good job when it comes to making both mummy and baby comfortable so I'd definitely recommend it!) If I need extra support elsewhere (e.g. Behind my back or neck) I just use pillows from the bed or scatter cushions from the sofa! 


Essential for just about everything - wrapping around the baby if he's cold, mooping up stray milk....Another great tip for making your breastfeeding space as 'organised' as possible is to place a muslin over the top of the chair you are sitting on (in the photo above you can see we have an 'elephant' muslin placed over the back of the chair.) The reason for this is because quite often, when you burp your baby after a feed you do so by putting them over your shoulder, and, (we have learnt through experience!) they can then sometimes be sick all over your nice new armchair! So a muslin is great for protecting any upholstery!

Side table

Make sure you have a side table or shelf in easy reaching position so you can put everything you need for your breastfeeding session! There is nothing more annoying that realising you want to check your emails, and finding that your phone is not within arms reach!

On the side table you should have: 

- A TV remote control or iPad (if you want to catch up on any box sets whilst breastfeeding!)

- A Bottle of water as breastfeeding can make you very dehydrated!

- Your Phone with a feeding app on so you record the times lengths of feeds.  I recommend "Baby Feed Timer"

- A Magazine/book. I'm currently reading Tatler and 'Baby's First Weeks' (A GREAT book for learning all the different things your baby will be doing each week!)

- Nipple cream.

- A Shawl incase visitors arrive to cover yourself up or if you are cold

- A Blanket for the baby to snuggle up in!

Is there anything you think i've missed off the list? If so, comment below and let me know what MUST HAVE'S you feel you need when breastfeeding!

Tiffany Wright